Are cheap grills worth the money?

meat on a bbq

Coal, gas or electricity: the type of fuel is not the only thing to consider when making a barbecue. We must also worry about the type of iron we will place the meats and even light the fire.

A luxury

Remember the round charcoal grills from American movies? Well, for some years now, that classic model has been available. It’s true, these are quite expensive grills, but it is almost a luxury to cook on them.

Why so much? Because they are made with very firm materials and excellent insulation, which allows you to grill without risk of accidents and very efficient combustion. Its design, which includes a lid and thermostat, allows us to get into gringo grill techniques, in which the meat is cooked covered, at a controlled temperature and for long hours at low and slow.

The result: meat, especially pork, very soft, juicy, and with an accentuated smoked touch like on a pellet grill. In any case, for roasts in our style, they also work, and very well.

Gas does work

If you can’t use wood or charcoal, a gas grill is an excellent option for whatever reasons. The first concern that is eliminated is buying, storing and handling firewood or charcoal, something that can be complex —and quite dirty— for those who live in apartments or small houses.

A gas grill just needs to be turned on, warmed up thoroughly, and it is ready to go. Can it be used the same as a charcoal grill? Yes, but you have to take some precautions. You can cook things over high or low heat, regulating the power of the burners and the height of the grill, which usually have two levels. However, special care must be taken with the fattiest cuts and also with the sausages that could release fat: in that case, it would reach the burners, and the flames would light. The advice then is to favor leaner cuts and never neglect the meat in the event of a flare-up.

Grilling does not have to be expensive as you can find out in this video I found that explains it very well.

Electric grill: worse is nothing

Let’s be honest: an electric grill will only be an option if we cannot use firewood, charcoal or gas. In other words, only if these alternatives are exhausted is it appropriate to go for it. Why? Because the result of meat cooked on an electric grill is more similar to that of any hot plate than to a grill itself since it lacks the effect of loss of liquid and slight smokiness that meat experiences when cooked on embers or even on top of some flames of gas. We accomplish this by cooking a piece of meat on one of these electrical appliances; instead, it is rather a generous and almost willing approach to the actual embers. Still, moderately decent results are obtained.

Cheap BBQ – My Conclusion

The price of this type varies greatly from tens to hundreds of dollars, but I personally feel that the principle is the same. The shortcoming is very obvious. The heating tube is under the oven. A drop of oil and moisture will cause open flames, resulting in black and oily smoke. It’s because I like to use electricity and think it’s better to go out to eat clean, give us some opportunities to open a barbecue restaurant or look at this expensive purchase may have excellent design considerations, first look at the principle. You can also consider an electric grill, but in principle, it is actually fried instead of grilled.

William Eldridge

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