Health benefits of onion

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The onion is a vegetable that is part of our kitchen as usual. But, in addition to being an ideal ingredient to add more flavor to our dishes, it is also a highly beneficial food for our health.

Among its properties, onion contributes 25% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C and 20% of vitamin K. Although calcium is always related to dairy products, the nutritionist highlights the 15 percent it contains the recommended daily amount of this mineral.

Phytochemicals are substances in plants that give color to fruits and vegetables; each color has characteristic nutrients. These own nutrients provide specific benefits. Hence a varied diet of fruits and vegetables is recommended. Below given are some of the health benefits that onions possess.

Food rich in fiber

The onion has a large amount of soluble fiber, a perfect nutrient to help us regulate intestinal transit and promote the elimination of waste and toxins. In addition, fiber also has a satiating effect ideal for reducing hunger without the need to overeat. Let’s not forget that, in addition, fiber regulates cholesterol in the blood and helps us to have more stable blood pressure.

Very abundant minerals

Onions provide us with an interesting source of minerals such as calcium or manganese, two essential minerals to help us improve bone structure and protect our dental health.

Immune system

Quercetin in onion has a specific benefit: it strengthens the immune system. Therefore, together with its vitamin C content, it is a product that allows the consumer to stay healthy and strong.

The increase in defenses, its antioxidant power, and the prevention of DNA damage are general characteristics of phytochemicals.

For this reason, a study from the American Institute for Cancer Research names its protection against this disease thanks to these general benefits and quercetin that enhances the immune system.

Although no food prevents cancer, maintaining a strong immune system through diet always helps prevent the disease, he points out.

Strong and healthy bones

The fact that onion contains considerable amounts of calcium and its percentage of vitamin K causes its consumption to help maintain bones and prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Respiratory diseases

The onion contains sulfur compounds; its volatile substance when the cut is what causes eye irritation. For this reason, traditionally, it was used for the respiratory tract due to its mucolytic and expectorant effect. Hence the myth of the onion cut on the night table to combat flu processes.

Decrease in cholesterol

Sulfur compounds explain the specialist, help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. We emphasize that although this benefit occurs, concise data has not been established because it has not been discovered how much the body absorbs this compound.

Satiating and low in calories

Dieting to lose weight can also count on onion, an ingredient that has very few calories, a delicious taste, and which, thanks to its fiber content, is very satiating. An onion soup is an ideal dish for a weight loss diet.

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Onions are on of the easiest ways to improve your health and stay healthy. They are very affordable and have many benefits. If you need to boost your health the best way is to start with running to the grocery store and buy you some onions.

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