What type of oven is the best to use in the kitchen?

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To make the right choice, it is essential to know how and how much you are going to use the oven. Conventional ovens are those that have been seen many times in many kitchens. In general, these are ovens intended for people who use the oven occasionally, and when they do, they are limited to using the broil function. The operation of conventional ovens is not much of a mystery: the electrical resistances placed above and below heat the air to achieve the desired recipe.

Steam Ovens: The Power Of Steam Cooking

Cooking with steam has become one of the most demanded techniques since it is the best way to respect all the flavor and properties of food, using only the steam from the water to cook it. The kitchen steam helps to have less heavy digestion, lower cholesterol levels and improve the appearance of our skin. Do you want to discover the advantages of cooking with steam? There are two options:

The ovens with steam supply steam generated only at specific times and intervals required to achieve a perfect recipe. You can choose three levels depending on what you are cooking. Low level to cook cakes or pastries; medium level to give a perfect touch to meat roasts or high level of steam input to cook fish or bread.

Compact Ovens: A Little Big World

Having a small kitchen cannot be a problem to have the best appliances. The compact ovens can offer all the features mentioned above but only 45 cm high.

Do you know microwave ovens? They were also born for reasons of space. And it is that having to choose between the speed and the power of the microwaves or the touch that only an oven can achieve was a tough decision. The dilemmas ended with the arrival of microwave ovens, which combine the best of both systems in the space of a compact oven.

Ovens With Unique Features

Multifunction, compact ovens, steam ovens … choosing the best oven for your home can be a fun task, although it is important that you are clear about your needs, the use you are going to give it, and the differences between all oven models. When you visit one of the closest kitchen studios that we recommend, you will realize that there are many details that make the difference: the door opening system or the rails are perfect examples.

There are many high priced ovens that come with many features that most of us probably never use.

What Type Of Oven Is Better?

Each type of oven is different, but that does not mean that one is better than another. All the existing ones are of high quality and ready to satisfy all your needs. We simply have to take into account the frequency and type of use that we would give our oven. That’s when you have to study which oven would suit us best. These are the types of the oven according to our use.

What if you hardly use the oven?

Either due to lack of time or little love for cooking, the fact is that you will only need an oven that fulfills the basic functions to carry out proper baking. So the conventional oven will be the best option for you, this type of oven is the classic that has always existed for a lifetime. 

Its operation is limited to heating the air inside the appliance, and it does so by means of resistors located in the lower and upper parts of the oven.

I like to use the oven, and I do it from time to time.

If you like cooking and from time to time you like to experiment with new recipes, perhaps you will be more interested in having an oven that allows you to make more complex preparations. 

In this case, the most suitable appliances are the range of multifunction ovens. They are ovens that have several cooking programs, as they come with a grill, oven plates, and convection.

This last system makes the air circulate through the oven, so we can bake two meals at the same time, achieving faster and more homogeneous cooking.

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